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An Apple Beat Christmas
In all of Equestria,
On Christmas day,
The couples of Ponyville,
Spend it they're own special way.
Weather it be,
Snuggle by the fire,
Or ruffle some bed sheets,
To hearts desire.
But before that happens,
All the ponies meet,
In the big Town Hall,
To have a special feast.
They eat and smile,
And play and laugh,
And split the happines,
But one little pony,
Was always very sad,
Only on this one day,
Because she wanted what the other ponies had.
She was a white unicorn,
With light blue hair,
She was really into music,
So she had to have flare.
But every Christmas,
She wasn't herself,
She never bobbed her head,
And avoided everypony else.
Once the party was over,
And all the ponies headed home,
The pony named Applejack,
Noticed this pony alone.
She was crying behind her turn tables,
And hoped no pony would see,
but Applejack turned the corner as she cried,
"Please, don't look at me!"
Applejack couldn't turn away,
Cause she always helped all ponies,
No matter what they say.
:iconmakotonanayafan68:MakotoNanayaFan68 9 14
Why Is Love So Hard?
Why is love so
difficult and hard,
When I was a little filly,
It never got me far.
All I ever did,
Was read all my books,
Everypony passed me,
Giving dirty looks.
I read about romance,
Love, and marrying,
A very special pony,
And doing all these things.
All I really want is someone,
To hold me close and tight.
Always says she loves me,
And always treats me right.
When will that mare savior,
That caring, cute pony,
Come and sweep me up,
And save my misery.
:iconmakotonanayafan68:MakotoNanayaFan68 7 7
Fluttershy's Diary Poem
          Dear Diary,
     I've been thinking about Rainbow Dash all day, I even made a poem about her. Wanna hear it?
Ever since that faithful day,
You've always watched my back.
Even though I just say, "Yay",
My love is louder than that.
From the Pegasus race,
To finding you a great pet,
I just hide me face,
And live with regret.
But maybe one day I can show them so true,
My feelings of love, so sad and so blue.
Hopefully you'll reply , and say you love me too.
I-if that's okay with you.
:iconmakotonanayafan68:MakotoNanayaFan68 13 9
Childhood Shinanigans
          We start our story in a farm named "Sweet Apple Acres", were a hard-working earth-pony by the name of Applejack is sweating the day away.
Applejack: Thinking (*Huff* ah can't wait to finish this last tree, so I can go into town an' sell some apples an' take a break.) Gee, that was an awful lot of bucking for one day. I guess i should haul the last of these here apples.
A burst of apples splattered from the bucket she was loading. It was the filly named Applebloom, she was waiting to ask a question.
Applebloom: APPLEJACK!
Applejack: Oh mah gawsh! You silly lil' filly, you scared me half to death!
Applebloom: Sorry, I just really had to ask you this question! It's kinda important.
applejack: Ugh, couldn't this wait 'til we get ta town? What is it?
Applebloom: Well, uh, what's a Lesmare? Cause...
Applejack: APPLEBLOOM! Where in the world did ya hear that? Who said it?
Applebloom: That's just it, I heard Rainbow Dash sayin' you we
:iconmakotonanayafan68:MakotoNanayaFan68 7 4
Makoto Na-neigh-a :iconmakotonanayafan68:MakotoNanayaFan68 5 3
Applejack Love Letter
As ah buck apples all day,
ah bottle up mah feelings,
In a very silent way.
They're all about you,
In case ya didn't know.
Ah don't know what to do,
Cause ah don't want them to show.
Ah love you alot,
That's whah ah write this.
Ah don't want us to get caught,
An' have to confess.
So ah wanted you to be aware,
that there is an earth-pony,
that is waiting for her mare.
Love, Applejack
:iconmakotonanayafan68:MakotoNanayaFan68 11 2
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